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JTAVR 2022;07(3): EPub Ahead of Print


Biomedical science limitations and flaws: why not choose wisely?


A Cavezzi1, G d'Errico1, R Colucci1

1Eurocenter Venalinfa, 63074 San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), Italy
submitted: Oct 28, 2022
accepted Dec 1, 2022
EPub ahead of Print: Dec 24, 2022

Abstract Biomedical science is experiencing a reassessment of its practices of healthcare management where more appropriate cost-benefit profiles are being combined with improvements in knowledge, effectiveness, and safety of diagnostic/therapeutic procedures to drive the advances in medicine. This review aims to assess: (a) possible biases of the scientific literature and research, (b) the clinical value and the cost-effectiveness of the principal medical practices and (c) the possible contribution of integrative and translational medicine.
Literature shows that current medical research has cognitive (mostly industry-induced) biases that negatively impact clinical practice: the ever-increasing use of drugs and technologies, united with a certain inattention to the basic mechanisms of pathophysiology are paving the way of reductionism in medical practice. A critical view of innovations in medicine, together with a sound understanding and application of the scientific method, would improve the effectiveness, safety and sustainability of therapies.
Translational and integrative medicine can contribute to develop a new patient-centered approach. Conversely, reductionism, eminence/reimbursement-based medical decisions, lack of patient education, industry-influenced science, and limited awareness from physicians may compromise the efficacy, safety, appropriateness, and cost-effectiveness of diagnostic and therapeutic processes.

Keywords integrative medicine, choosing wisely, pharmacoeconomics, overuse, bias
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Full text - DOI: 10.24019/jtavr.142 - Corresponding author: Dr. Attilio Cavezzi, EMail
Citation style: Cavezzi A, d'Errico G, Colucci R. Biomedical science limitations and flaws: why not choose wisely?. JTAVR 2022;07(3): EPub Ahead of Print .

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